Preemptive Software Development

We fix shit before it happens :p

5 Responses to “Preemptive Software Development”

  1. David Says:

    I donno if you guys are still operating, but just wanted to say that Orbital Decay was one of my fav. games back in the day. Liked the story, the atmosphere, everything. Heres to hoping you guys continue to make great games :D

  2. Karg Says:

    thank you, much appreciated. at the moment, i’m off doing indie game development, but who knows, maybe one day, Orbital Decay 2 will be made :)

  3. Decafeiner Says:


    Need my fix :’(

  4. Decafeiner Says:

    I meant sequel tho, sry, 8AM and didn’t slept…

  5. Karg Says:

    lol. every now and then i check my blog and I’m amazed to see that people are still playing and remembering Orbital Decay. means a lot to me :)

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