Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 – Worst Phone I’ve Ever Owned

Insider 03 Jul , 2020 0

It’s pretty annoying for a phone that otherwise is packed with features to fail at something so basic: Wifi. Its constant failure to stay connected to Wifi during lock and its constant failure to reconnect afterwards, sometimes taking 10-20 tries and 10+ minutes of manually switching Wifi on/off makes this phone take the top place of the worst phones I’ve ever owned.

In fact, out of the many devices I have around connecting to Wifi, this one is the only one that fails constantly 😀

It may be possible that the Wifi router is not compatible with the phone. But given the fact that my router is supplied by BT and is among the most used in UK, one would expect for Samsung QA to test against this. Samsung? QA? Hell no 😀

This post may be biased. I’ve only owned 5 phones in my entire life: an Ericsson T10s (which at the end of its lifetime started to reset by itself), a Nokia 3510i (which, unfortunately, ended up in the washing machine), a Nokia E50 (that lasted me for 10 years, until the battery started to expand incontrollably) and another Samsung marvelous piece of engineering (one that would turn off by itself while handling it ever so gently).

So, dear Samsung executives, can you try to push less ads into your applications and start fixing basic functionality of your phones?

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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