Orbital Decay - Radiant Star Carrier


Piron Games is a one-man operation specializing in HTML5 game development and features more than 25 years of professional software development experience.


Piron is a Romanian word for spike/large nail. It perfectly embodies the spirit we carried through-out the game development: sharp and tough. As nails.


The Road So Far

The group formed in Romania in 1991 as a hobbyist adventure and released several remakes and original titles.

In 1998, the group grew and began working on an ambitious real-time tactics title called Pure Power. After releasing a beta version but failing to secure funding, the group split in 2001. Bits of this project were later on released to the development community as the open-source Pure Power Tactical Engine.

The indie game development activities were resumed between 2008-2012, focusing into the Flash casual games market. Original games like Orbital Decay, Born of Fire TD, Loose Cannon Physics and many more were developed, which scored more than 25 milion game-plays world-wide. Orbital Decay was also nominated for the JayIsGames’ 2009 Shooter Game of the Year.

After a 6 years hiatus, indie game development was once again resumed in 2018, focusing into casual online HTML5 games market.


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