Wobbly Dot v1.0.5 Released!

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Here’s what you’ll find in the new release of Wobbly Dot.

Dodge This v1.0.3 Released!

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As Dodge This hit over 10k plays here and seems to reign at the top of my most played games, I thought it was time for additional content.

Snake Island v1.0.2 Released!

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Getting back to the solo game dev duties with a couple of Snake Island improvements!

Clone Capitalist Source Code Released And More On Coding Challenges

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Finally got around on releasing the code for Clone Capitalist, a clone of Adventure Capitalist I did for a coding challenge back in 2020. You may find it here: https://github.com/stefandee/clone-capitalist The GitHub project description should walk you through the ins and outs of this project. I just feel on writing a few words on the […]

ArmourySocketServer And ArmourySwAgent Asking For Password – A Solution

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Recently upgraded my computer and yay, Unity WebGL build is much-much faster, 3 times faster now. The upgrade come with tiny issues, like the one in the title. Built around an Asus ROG Strix B550-F motherboard, upon logging in Windows 10, you will be prompted to install Armoury Crate (actually, you can disable this from […]

Idiotic Ideas: UK Petition To Require ID For Social Media Accounts

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Because… Why not give Big Tech more personal data? You thought the Cambridge Analytica data scandal was bad? Wait till you get a scandal involving real person identities. Why not give hackers more data to steal? Do you think them getting the username and password for your social media where you post you selfies is […]

25 Browser Games Developed…Now What?

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The release of Snake Island was also an important milestone for me: it was my 25th browser game developed as a solo/indie! The journey that started in 2008 with Ninjas! as a “can I actually make money by making games solo” (short answer: yes!) would eventually went on with 24 more games developed for my […]

Long Take-Home Assignments In Game Development

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TL;DR I’ll accept long take-home assignments if I’ll get something out of it: learn something new, prototype a new gameplay mechanic, possibility to reuse the code for other interviews or my own games, etc. The Problem Some game development companies require completing a take-home assignment/homework as a means of screening. Especially if you’re a game-play […]

Recruitment Awards, The Mystery/Thriller Genre

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…and the award goes to the many recruiters that approached me for positions but didn’t send the job description, because…the job description is confidential. Let me make it clear. CONFIDENTIAL. JOB. DESCRIPTION. The “conversation” went like this: Recruiter: I have a job. Me: Can you please send me a job description? Recruiter: No, the job […]

Revisiting 12 Years Old Code: That Word Game

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The Context I made That Word Game in 2008, as a Flash game. It was my second game, following Ninjas!, still learning the rope of the programming language and trying to build a game library. It was originally coded in Haxe and it used a physics engine called Physaxe, which was written by the author […]