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Insider 23 Aug , 2010 5

So here it is: Invisible Ink. It’s not the epic kind of game and it does require to put a little bit of imagination and thinking at work. Watch the pen move and guess the doodle being drawn in invisible ink.

The game is available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Romanian.

And, seriously, it’s a coincidence it was released on August 23rd, the former National Day of Romania 🙂

A few words about the game:
Idea: Not much of a game-play to be honest, but mostly inspired by a “pillow game” , that kind that usually go with the pillow talk 🙂 And a bit by Z-Rox.

Production: about 3 weeks, including localizations requested by the primary sponsor (Spil Group).

Graphics: Doodles were traced with Inkscape. Rest of the “graphics” were done with pen on paper and a scanner.

Programming: required attention in two spots. One was the SVG path reader, that was ported to HaXe and tweaked to fit the specifics of the game from the DrawSVG AS3 source. The other was a Bezier curve (adaptive) subdivision algorithm, again ported to HaXe from the works and research of Maxim Shemanarev. If anyone needs the HaXe sources for these two, please ask and I’ll post them.

Licensing: the game was added to FlashGameLicense and after a month and a half, 6 sponsor views, 7/10 editor rating, 5.05/10 developer rating and one bid later, the primary license went to Spil Group.

Oh, and feel free to throw in your doodle suggestions. We might include them in an add-on! 🙂

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.
  • Thomas

    What’s the answer for the pentacle?

    • Karg

      [spoiler]pentagram[/spoiler] 🙂

  • Guntur

    Nice game.. congrats on the release. Btw, I had a game sponsored with SPIL as well and I like to ask some things regarding experience sponsoring with SPIL, etc. Is that possible? thanks 🙂

    • Karg

      thanks. sure, drop me an email at karg at pirongames dot com and we’ll talk

  • Taylor

    I just played the game.You will never guess how hard the “easy” level is.I cant even get pass level 6 and it is some weird object.Does anyone know the answers,if you do will you leave a set of them for me ’cause this is hard



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