Orbital Decay

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Defense Karg 1

Orbital Decay

Are you craving for an epic space battle? Then come and face the perils of space, from meteor showers and minefields to entire alien fleets bent on destruction, to unravel the mystery of the drone carrier Radiant Star and the fate of the humankind.


  • 'A'/'D' or Left/Right arrows to scroll;
  • Left mouse button to shoot the ultragun; keep button pressed to fire continuously;
  • 'Z' toggles the ultragun autofire;
  • 'C' to center the view on the mothership;
  • 'Space' to access the Upgrades section;
  • 'H' to toggle the health bars, 'J' to show/hide the HUD;
  • 'P' to pause, 'Q' to toggle quality, 'M' to mute.


  • the game autosaves at checkpoints/chapter start;
  • don't forget to buy&upgrade turrets, bays and the main cannon;
  • spend a little resource units on the drones, they repair the ship;
  • cripple the capital ships attack power by firing in the vicinity of the turrets;
  • completely destroying the capital ships will earn the RU reward.
  • the difficulty modes offer different game-play experiences: while nothing will go wrong on 'easy', things change dramatically on 'hard'!


If stuck, please check the video walkthrough.

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  • Dylan Chhatwal

    AAmazing Game. Just played it again after years and its so amazing



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