Math Maze

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Math Maze


Math Maze is a minimalist educational game, with a math theme. The goal is to create an arithmetic expression by connecting numbers with operators and achieve the target value.

There are 30 levels available for now: 25 are free, 5 are available if you have Web Monetization enabled. If you'd like to support this game and keep the site ad free, please consider subscribing to a Web Monetization provider, like Coil!

Hope you'll enjoy playing this one, and if you do so, please spread the word.


I've made this browser game using Cocos Creator 2.4.3 and Typescript. Art was mainly done with Inkscape, with additional support from Gimp. I've also used ShareX for capturing gameplay footage.


Coding, art and game design done by Stefan Dicu (Piron Games)

Music track is called Where You Hear The Prayer and is composed by Komiku (licensed under Creative Common 0 license).

Sound effects are created by various users from (mostly licensed user Creative Common 0).


Math Maze wasn't on the games plan that I set for myself about a year ago. In fact, the plan was to continue with another 3D puzzle using Unity, but...

As I was improving That Word Game, I was toying with the idea of introducing a "word search" mode - it's still in the plans though - then the idea escaped and took a form of its own: why not combine word search mechanics with a bit of simple arithmetic?

Is the idea original? I hope so.

The graphical style is inspired by the Bauhaus movement (or maybe a modern take on it) and being a rather simple game, it took only a couple of hours to put together the whole art thing (plus a couple more to adjust it during development).

Development was done using Cocos Creator/Typescript and it didn't took very long, maybe in the range of 20 hours. Most notable is that I've started to phase out the usage of GSAP in favour of the builtin tweening system (less code). Also, the hint system - it's the nth different one I create, to suit the style of each game - is "very" all over the place and probably needs a refactoring some time in the future.

Level design was also done really fast - couple of hours maybe - as there's really not much going on. While I usually do the first chapter of a level-based game accesible to everyone, I've decided to experiment a little and offer 5 of the 30 levels for Web Monetization subscribers only.

There are some plans to add more levels as well as challenge modes. It all depends on how popular the game will be, so please share and comment.



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