Snake Island

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Snake Island


Snake Island is a challenging 3D puzzle game, where the goal is to maneuver the snake around and collect all the fruits.

But this is no ordinary snake game! You'll have to guide the snake around, have it climb obstacles, push boxes, activate triggers and avoid traps, and solve the puzzles that will grant you the reward: those sweet cherries!

There are currently 20 levels to solve. Please support this game by subscribing with a Web Monetization provider (Coil) or simply by sharing it around.


I've developed this game using the Unity 3D engine. The code is written in C#.

I've used Inkscape to create 2D art for the UI. For 3D modelling/alterations and texture mapping, I've used Probuilder (a plugin for Unity).

For capturing screenshots and game footage, I've used ShareX.


Coding, 2D art, additional 3D art and game design by Stefan Dicu (Piron Games).

Most of the 3D models come from Bitgem Cube World and Kenney Nature Kit.

The music track is called "Building Energy", composed by Nick "Drozerix" Monson (Public Domain).

Sound effects used are created by users cabled_mess, littlerobotsoundfactory, dneproman, grunz and warwickallison (used under Creative Common 0 license terms).


Snake Island is the second game in a series of puzzle games that I've planed to develop in Unity, as a means to further my 3D games portfolio, as well as learn the internals of Unity.

For the core/movement mechanics, I've drawn inspiration from a modern ZX Spectrum game called Snake Escape (which, in turn, is a remake of a Flash game called Lime Rick). However, since these two games were in 2D, some of the puzzle elements couldn't be translated in 3D, so I've introduced a couple of new ones, like triggers, water, spikes, etc.

I've tried to keep the same feeling of exploration/mystery as the original games. So while in the first levels there will be hints regarding to the basic mechanics, in later levels, you'll pretty much have to discover how each puzzle element works/reacts.

For the level design, I've also drawn inspiration from Sokoban and Sokoban 3D variants. As a amateur game designer, this has been new waters to explore, combining mechanics and puzzle design from many different games, so some of the levels may be too easy, others may be too difficult. There are also only 20 levels, because...well, I kind of ran out of inspiration.

It's built, roughly, on the same architecture as Bumper To Bumper (Zenject, Signals and an internal model-service-signal framework I've devised since the first Cocos Creator games).

I've designed the 2D art to work for native 1080p, so the size of the game is slightly bigger than my previous browser games. However, this will allow the game to scale to any resolution/device and still look good. Also, it will allow me to create a PC version, for instance, with the same graphics.

The development time was spread across 10 weeks, although I don't think it took more than 80-100 hours altogether. Lot of time has been spent into modifying the 3D asset packs and create models specific for this game, as well as creating the levels.

I'd love to have time to explore more mechanics and create more levels, if the game will prove to be popular. Maybe releasing a PC/Steam version? Who knows. It's up to you, the players, to decide if you like and support this browser game :)

Version History

1.0.0 (05.05.2021)

Initial release.

1.0.1 (19.05.2021)

Fixed an issue with on-screen controls not working after completing a level and playing the next one.

1.0.2 (11.10.2021)

Replaced on-screen controls D-Pad with a 3D compass.

Added the undo move functionality. 10 undo moves are possible each level.

Reworked level complete rewards (gold star for completing without using undo, silver star otherwise).

Improved "hide objects that obscure the snake head" functionality.

Fixed level 8 for trivial solution.

Replaced the water shader (however, on mobile, the water foam still has unwanted visual artifacts)



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