The Help Conundrum

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I don’t read ingame help, but I complain when it lacks 🙂

FlodXM ported to HaXe

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Recently, I have investigated the opportunity of using Amiga-like tracker music in my games. I really want to make an “anniversary” version of Orbital Decay (woohoo…3 years!) and one of the features is a nice and engaging soundtrack, without bloating the file size. And, apparently, if things go nice and well, Loose Cannon will also […]

3.5 Years Later…

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I’ve finally managed to learn how to make games that I like to play. Now, if I’d only learn to make games all the other people like to play…

Play Like a Pirate

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Update: Loose Cannon Physics has been released. You may play it here. It’s Loose Cannon, my latest physics puzzle (phuzzle!)  game. Developed during the summer months, it features 30 crazy levels where you can fire the cannon, shoot the musket and jump, plus a level editor to make&share your own puzzles.  Of course, it was […]

FlxAsteroids. With source code!

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Asteroids spinoff made in ActionScript3 using the Flixel framework and the FlashDevelop IDE. Coming to think of, it’s the first time I use any of those 🙂 Done in 2 days, showing off the coding “mad skillz” to some guys. In short, Flixel is cool for quick prototyping, ActionScript sucks (:p), FlashDevelop is very good […]

Breakfast at Post-Apocalyptic Tiffany’s

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From Fallout 3, played long time ago. And bonus, the pyjamas one-man assault squad 🙂

The Making of: SuperChicken Battles the Penguin Horde

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The Concept So it was one day that I’ve got texted and phoned over by my cousin. “Dude, get on Messenger, I’ve got to show you something”. My cousin, Ionel Jinga, is a traditional artist – sculptor –  involved in all kind of crazy art projects, which in the past years got a crush for […]

SuperChicken Goes Wild

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Please play, enjoy and don’t forget to cast your vote 😉 On Kongregate: holy-moley! On Newgrounds: up, up and away!

SuperChicken Is Here!

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Play SuperChicken Battles the Penguin Horde Do you know why did SuperChicken cross the road? To shoot the invading penguins and save the chicks, of course. What’s inside 2 heroes, SuperChicken and BabyChicken, each with different superpowers For each hero, 10 campaign missions where you’ll get a shot at the Penguin King “Forever Endless” to […]

Orbital Decay – Now with Leaderboards!

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Finally finished implementing the leaderboards for Orbital Decay. Play, record your score, carve your name in the hall of fame! 🙂 Been a wild ride forging this with CodeIgniter, php, sql, RESTful, haxe/as3-to-REST communication, integrating into my own custom arcade…happy this works as expected. (oh yeah, and report any bugs you might find)