Life of a Game Programmer

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Insider jokes, true stories 🙂 The Gold Candidate Migration of the Game Developers (In Romanian, from the days when Bucharest was too small for so many mobile game dev companies :D)  

More Spy Conundrums

Insider 0 So, in the age of VPNs, darknets, SSL and 200 megapixels cameras, spies are still smuggling classified papers in briefcases? Now, seriously? 🙂

Falling Skies

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The Hug-Fest (less hugs, more action please).

in 1.0.4 we’re going to shrink the gap between normal monsters and Elite packs

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…because we were too lazy to test the game past act 2 inferno before we released the game.

Editor Guide: Knight And Witch

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This is the editor guide for Knight And Witch.

Knight and Witch Released

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Knight and Witch (formerly MageSteel), my fantasy-themed physics puzzle, has been released and may be played on the Piron Games portal. If you get stuck, the walkthrough is here. Have fun and don’t forget to comment, like Piron Games on Facebook and, generally, support us in making more (better) games! 🙂

Walkthrough: Knight And Witch

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This is the video walkthrough for Knight And Witch.

Recruitment Ads Awards

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Procedural Content Award “Purpose of the role: To analyse, develop and implement solutions complying to current standards for software development which fully support the current and future requirements and add maximum value to the business.” (Thank heavens for random generators!) Winston Wolfe Award Get yourself hired as a Problem Manager (I’m Winston Wolfe. I solve […]

Orbital Decay Graphic Assets and More

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Because I was asked if I could share the assets of Orbital Decay and since I don’t plan to make Orbital Decay 2, at least not in this 2D form, here are the graphics, sounds, strings and gameplay files used, all in one package: Orbital Decay Data I’m afraid there’s no easy way to present […]

MageSteel First Look

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A first look of MageSteel – The Riddles of Fire and Steel, a physics puzzle that I’ve just finished developing and that will be released in the next couple of months.