The Cats Of Purrtastic Four

Insider 25 Feb , 2020 0

I have to admit that I’m not a cat person, nor a dog person. I’m neutral to pets, I can appreciate their company, but I prefer to be somehow distant. Like cats behave toward humans :p

However, cats have permeated my life that it’s difficult to swing around and not trip into any. Where I live, there’s one very friendly cat and about 6 of his friends roaming around during the day (they do have owners, but they also do like to run outside). My parents have 4 cats, so petting them is not really optional, as they literally queue to jump into your lap.

These 4 cats, out of which one is no longer alive, were, partly, the inspiration behind Purrtastic Four. It’s difficult to see them doing all the cat things and not thinking of putting them into a game 🙂 So here they are: Mitza (Romanian regional word meaning, well, cat, but also can be a person name), Balanel (name of a character from an old Romanian cartoon, which is a…dog), Bubu and Ochi (eyes, because she has big, anime-like, eyes).

Now head over to Purrtastic Four and play their adventure!

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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