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Arcade Karg 2


Blockets is a puzzle game with a retro/neon punk theme. The goal of this game is simple: place the blocks in the grid and complete lines and columns.

As you complete lines, the difficulty increases and more complicated shaped blocks will appear. Try to reach the highest score!


The game was coded in Typescript, using Cocos Creator as game engine, targetting HTML5.


All code, graphics and game design by Piron Games.

Music track is "Return to the basis" by Soft And Furious, licensed under the terms of CC0.

  • russellbeattie

    I actually LOVE this game! Have you thought about making 1) an Android app for it (just a wrapper around your web game or 2) making it into a PWA so I can add it to my home screen and play it full screen?

    I can help with either if you’re interested and need help! Just drop me an email!


  • Karg

    thank you for playing, glad to hear you’re enyoing it!

    i don’t have immediate plans on releasing any of my games as android native. i’ll investigate the pwa thing, but, in the meantime, it’s possible to go fullscreen using the respective icon under the game (tested on my only android device, a samsung a7).



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