Corvid 19

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Looks like someone’s been playing too much raven/widow mines lately 😀

The Cats Of Purrtastic Four

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I have to admit that I’m not a cat person, nor a dog person. I’m neutral to pets, I can appreciate their company, but I prefer to be somehow distant. Like cats behave toward humans :p However, cats have permeated my life that it’s difficult to swing around and not trip into any. Where I […]

Hearthstone Brawl Of Gaudiness Funny Moments

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Few funny moments from this week Tavern Brawl, The Brawl Of Gaudiness. It’s a bad day to be recruited into Silver Hand service. Eventually, I lost the game. N’Zoth ressurects all the vengeful scribes he could find. The pen is mightier than the sword? Apparently not 🙂 Mecha’thun, Mecha’thun Senior and Mecha’thun Junior are casually […]

Meet Dick, The Labrador Retriever

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Dick is a labrador retriever and is, in parts, the inspiration behind one of the dogs you can choose in Dog And Ball Forever. He’s my parents dog and, at the time of writing, he’s about 14 years old. He grew surrounded by 4 cats, which are, kind of, the inspiration behind Purrtastic Four. When […]

Why Make Web Games With Cocos Creator

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If you’ve been around here for a while, you may have noticed that I made my last 11 web games (so far!) with Cocos Creator. If you haven’t play them yet, please give them a try: Dodge This, Purrtastic Four, Swooden, Art Of Balance, Amazing Acrobats, Don’t Worry, Blockets, Dododox, Drople, Wiggly Things. I thought […]

The Epic Soundtrack Of Born Of Fire TD

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If you’ve been following my Youtube channel, you’ve probably noticed this one, released many-many years ago: the soundtrack from Born Of Fire TD. Composed by Jon Adamich specifically for this game, the epic music accompanies our anti-heroes as they blast the pits of hell and storm the gates of heavens. Check it out! And if […]

Game Dev Roadmap For 2020

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After a rather amazing past 12 months where I’ve managed to make 12 games (and release 11 of them), at the end of 2019 I’ve decided to take a break and explore some new game development horizons. Aside from the usual promotional work for the released games, I’ve started to look into making games using […]

Nostalgia: Cyber Ninja (mobile/J2ME)

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Cyber Ninja was a platformer mobile game, developed in 2004. This was the first mobile game I’ve ever made! It was a collaboration effort, involving a friend who that acted as producer and game designer. Originally, it was to be called Impalator and sport a medieval/fantasy theme, but this later changed to a high-tech/sci-fi theme. […]

Born Of Fire, A New Album From Ross The Boss

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Ross The Boss, legendary guitarist of Dictators and Manowar fame, announced he’ll release a new album. This album, entitled Born Of Fire, is due for release in 2020. This made me smile a bit. I was (partly) inspired in creating Born Of Fire TD by early Manowar music, on which Ross The Boss lead guitar […]

User-Friendly ePassport Gates

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You know the ePassport gates are user-friendly when an airport employee patrols in front of them and shouts instructions 😀