Nostalgia: KStereo – A Stereograms Generator

Insider 29 Jun , 2024 0

Going though the stuff I made in the 90’s and found this stereogram generator. It was developed in 1997 in Turbo Pascal.

One of my friends showed me a book of stereograms and I remember having difficulty seeing them (bad vision or maybe too good of a vision? 🙂 ). Found the maths in a magazine and decided to give a go at implementing them, while relying on my friends eyes to check them.

One method to see them is to get closer to the monitor as possible until the image blurs then slowly back away, while keeping your vision focused “behind the monitor”. Something will pop 😉

The project at GitHub contains both the original source code (MS-DOS) and a port to FreePascal/SDL2 with couple of user-friendly features (scene support, basic SDF shapes support, an UI to preview/generate/save/reload, support to generate in any resolution, etc)

Enjoy the original stereograms.

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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