The Salty Programmer: How Much Is Too Much

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A programmer gets recalled from his holidays to fix bugs, after the gold version was delivered…

New Release: Purrtastic Four!

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It’s this time of the month when I release a new game! Design Purrtastic Four follows in the footsteps of classic balancing Flash games of the old, but it brings a twist to the genre: tossing the cats! Restricting placement to only some zones in certain levels and moving platforms in other levels should add […]

Orbital Decay, 10 Years After

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On this day, 10 years ago, Orbital Decay was released worldwide!

New Release: Art Of Balance!

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Hey, hey, hey! It’s a Friday, new-game-release time! Design Art Of Balance is inspired by classic Flash games like Super Stacker and Perfect Balance series and it brings an unique gameplay gimmick, inspired by the art of rock balancing: in some levels, stones take a delay to activate. This creates the possibility to create more […]

The Salty Programmer: The Biggest Lebowski

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You’re not a programmer if you can’t properly curse and write it in the code, for others to find, as found in production code of a game:

New Release: Dodge This!

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You should be accustomed by now that on a Friday, there’s a new game released 🙂 If you didn’t know, well, now you know. Dodge This was inspired by old Flash games like Ricochet and newer skill/puzzles like Ultraflow and Okay?. It brings a unique gimmick – kill two birds with one stone – but […]

Starcraft’s Tychus Co-Op Motto

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“I see the atac, I medivac” 😀

New Release: Wiggly Things!

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Greetings, avid online game player. I’ve made another game that, hopefully, you’ll enjoy playing: Wiggly Things! Wiggly Things draws some basic inspiration from an old Gameboy Advance game called Hot Potato, at least for the color-matching mechanics. Development was done in multiple “sprints” between October-December 2018 and took roughly 60 hours (including producing, programming, art, […]

A Day In The Life Of A Video Game Programmer

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There’s this video on Youtube going by the name of “A Day In The Life Of A Silicon Valley Engineer”. Look it up. It’s goddamn cute. Here’s a day in the life1 of a video game programmer2

The Salty Programmer: It Is Stupid!

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Searching for “fuck” in production code yielded some interesting results…:D