…oh, and Have I Mentioned?

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That, since I now run a portal, new games will be uploaded once or twice a week. I’m mostly a fan of strategy/tower-defense games, but a puzzle, a bullet hell shooter or something else of the unusual type might slip in every now and then. It’s cool to establish a Facebook presence. Since you’re reading […]

Reinventing (the wheel)

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Piron Games is now looking like a portal. A really small portal. Because the Internet is not yet full of really small portals 🙂 Also because the next three games – more on the “road map”  in another post – will be released to promote the portal and promoting an empty space full of ads […]

Mochibot Stats: That Word Game

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Stats for That Word Game are available here. Stats are for game loads, but since most of the plays come from Mindjolt and their API is implemented, this may actually means “game plays”. There’s also a site-locked version for Big Fish Games, but their contract says “no outgoing links”, so no Mochibot and no stats. […]

Walkthrough: Ninjas!

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This is the walkthrough for Ninjas! Feel free to ask questions 🙂

Walkthrough: Orbital Decay

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This is the walkthrough for Orbital Decay Comments are welcomed.

Mochibot Stats: Ninjas!

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Here are the Mochibot stats for Ninjas! The stats are for game “impressions” (or game loads – one mochibot ping after the game loaded). It’s not quite a “success” due to its rather obscure gameplay: what started as a cute&light puzzle turned into a hardcore action-puzzle. But I guess having “ninja” in the title helped […]

Huge Method

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I think it’s time for a refactoring (production code from a commercial Nintendo DS game). The method had over 2000 lines. Yes…2k lines!

Pure Power

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It’s a discontinued project that we ran at Piron almost 10 years ago and was supposed to be a real-time tactics game, close to the design of Fallout Tactics, Gorky 17 or Incubation games. I find it funny to watch the work we did very long time ago, so here’s the former site and a […]

Preview Born of Fire TD

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FlashGameLicense have recently crafted a nifty add-on to their already rich roster of services: previewer accounts. That is, gamers may sign up and preview (what else?) the latest Flash games. It’s quite cool since, relying on the gamers experience, we can now have better feedback on the games we develop and have the opportunity to […]

If JayIsGames Readers Say So…

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…Orbital Decay made it in the top ten browser shooters of 2009. Thanks for the votes! Hooray! 🙂