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Welcome to the Born of Fire TD game guide.

Born of Fire is a rather different kind of tower-defense, bringing in a couple of new game-play elements.

First, there are the role-playing elements: your heroes are not just “upgrading”, but they are gaining experience points, unlocking new skills (over 10 for each class) and improving their stats. Their experience is carried over from one mission to another.

You don’t build anything, all the heroes are available at the mission start.

Unlike the common TD, where you build towers and forget them, in BoFTD you may move some heroes around the map, using some of their skills.

The maps are not just one-screen, but scrollable and sometimes very large. A minimap is also available to help you navigate.

Each character also has hit-points (HP) and mana, just like in the mainstream RPGs. Monsters that reach the exit will damage and ultimately kill the heroes, but there are skills that will help the heroes recover their lost health.

Then, each hero may have up to 2 skills active at any time: you can use 2 attack skills, or just 2 support skills, or any other combination necessary given the incoming monster waves. In the normal campaign, there’s little need to micromanage the skills, but in the hard campaign and “Eternal Damnation” mode, you’ll micro-manage quite often.

The Options

You may reset the game progress in Main Menu – Options – Reset Game Data. Take care that this operation cannot be undone (this is why it’s so well hidden πŸ™‚ ) and will reset the characters to level 1 and mission progress to the initial state.

You may also turn off the game intro, if it’s getting too annoying, in the Main Menu – Options – Intro.

Game Modes

Campaign, Normal: monsters come in a predefined order. Kill them all to win. Monster levels are in the 1-25 range.

Campaign, Hard: same as the Normal, but the monster levels are in the 25-50 range, so it’s recommended that your heroes are at least level 25. Take care that this game mode is really brutal and unforgiving, but I guess you would have expected that after playing the hard mode of Orbital Decay πŸ™‚

Army of Darkness: you get to fight skeletons only. Seems simple enough, until 80 of them crawl the path. And if only one of them reaches the end portal, the game is over.

Eternal Damnation: monsters warp in with increasing levels, from 1 to 50. Kill’em all to win.

Hero Classes

The Demon Incarnate

Click for the stats.

Is an offensive character (dealing physical, fire and magic damage type) and has skills that allow him to focus on one enemy (like “Strike with Hate”, “Rage of the Banished” or “Hail to Fire”) or to control crowds (“Barrage of Blades”, “Faces of Fear” or “Scourge of Malice”). He may also be relocated on the battlefield using the “Nightwings” skill, if your a fan of “juggling” πŸ™‚

You only get one character of this class, Sorgal the GodSlayer.

The King

Click for the stats.

Is a great support character, with skills that will protect the allies from the monster damage (“Heart of Steel”), heal them (“Warriors Prayer”), replenish their mana (“Spiritual Healing”) or boost their physical attacks (“Battle Hymn”). But he’s not shy of dealing damage (“Hand of Doom” – which works best with the Demon Incarnate’s “Tremble”) or controlling crowds of monsters (“Archers Ready!” or “Metal Apocalypse”).

The Kitsune

Click for the stats.

Wielders of fire and cold magic, the kitsunes have a lot of destructive spells to fight the monsters. They are also able to relocate on the battlefield, using the “Gate” spell.

The Shield-maiden

Click for the stats.

Is a great offensive character, dealing physical and electric damage. The bow attacks are very powerful, but their downside is that most are not very precise. At the 20th level, it gets the “Arrow of Time”, an ability that will teleport an enemy back to the beginning of the path. Also has passive skills that will increase the damage and the critical chance.

Gameplay Help

During the game, you may use the following key shortcuts:

  • ‘P’ pauses;
  • ‘J’ toggles the monster HP bars;
  • ‘T’ opens or closes the skill tree; you need to have a hero selected;
  • ‘R’ toggles the skill ranges; you need to have a hero selected;
  • ALT key + left-click on a skill icon in the skill tree to decrease one level (updated as of v1.0.7);
  • ‘Q’ cycles through quality settings (low, medium, high);
  • ‘M’ toggles the sounds on/off;
  • ‘N’ toggles the music on/off;
  • ‘Esc’ to abort placing a hero, to cancel the selection or to abort an interactive skill;
  • WASD or arrow keys to scroll the map.

Here’s a video demonstrating the common gameplay elements:

The Rules

There are several damage types (or elements): physical, fire, cold, electric and magic. Your skills may cause critical hits (doubles the physical damage), bleeding (physical, monster loses health over time), burning (fire, monster loses health over time), instant kill, to lower the monster resistances to the damage types, to pierce (for missile spells, causes the missile to continue), to split on impact (for missile spells), to stun or to slow.

But take care that the monsters may also be shielded from your skills, getting resistances or immunities. Click a monster on the map or hover the mouse over a monster icon in the wave bar to find out what you’ll be facing.

Bosses and leaders cannot be instant killed (by skills like “Black Hand of Niphret” or “Rage of the Banished”).

Heroes gain experience by killing monsters. The hero that kills a monster get 50% of the experience, while the rest is split between the heroes that are placed on the map.

Try keeping the difference between heroes levels as small as possible, to stand a chance in later levels. When a new hero is unlocked, level him by playing previous missions.

Heroes are capped at level 50, and so are monsters πŸ™‚

There are 3 types of monsters: soldiers (regular), leaders and heroes. Each type will give you different XP and score. And, of course, leaders and monster heroes are harder to kill and will deal more damage to your characters.

You may invest up to 10 points in a skill. However, you may only invest skill points with the restriction: “Skill Required Level” + Points are less or equal than “Character Level”.

You may reset the allocation of the skill points, by opening the “Skill Tree” and pressing the “reset” button. In certain levels, you may find this tactic mandatory, because there will be lots and easy to kill monsters mixed with bosses.

You will get full experience out of killing a monster if the absolute difference between the hero level and the monster level is lesser or equal than 3 (the infamous CLVL vs MLVL πŸ™‚ ). Outside this range, you get a percent of the experience (33% for over 6 levels difference, 66% for over 3 levels difference). The rules were updated since v1.0.6, responding to the player suggestions over at Kongregate πŸ™‚

Of course, if the monsters overwhelm you, it’s recommended that you level up the heroes a bit more by (re)playing the previous levels.

Don’t forget about the “Gate” or “Nightwings”. In some missions, you’ll even have to chase the monsters around πŸ™‚

Heroes are invincible to damage when they use “Gate” or “Nightwings”. Maybe you’ll find this useful someday.

The score depends on how many heroes you used in the mission and on how many monsters managed to slip through the exit portal. So the highest score will be obtained if you use one hero and let no monster slip.

At the end of a mission, you will also be shown the total score; this is the combined score of all game modes in all missions.

The Strategy

Here are a couple of videos outlining the strategy for the Normal Campaign. Other than that, you have to keep experimenting, because there are more other strategies available.

Have fun playing and please share your thoughts on the game!

Born Of Fire TD – Level 1 – Normal Walkthrough
Born Of Fire TD – Level 2 – Normal Walkthrough
Born Of Fire TD – Level 3 – Normal Walkthrough
Born Of Fire TD – Level 4 – Normal Walkthrough
Born Of Fire TD – Level 5 – Normal Walkthrough
Born Of Fire TD – Level 6 – Normal Walkthrough
Born Of Fire TD – Level 7 – Normal Walkthrough
Born Of Fire TD – Level 8 – Normal Walkthrough
Born Of Fire TD – Level 9 – Normal Walkthrough
Born Of Fire TD – Level 10 – Normal Walkthrough

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.
  • starready

    hi! its look good.

    hey im very impressed your ORBITAL DECAY. dont you think realise it on iphone (mobile, android) ? im think many people would be intersted to play game)

    • Karg

      Yeah, porting the game on as many devices as possible is generally a good thing. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to do it and have to focus on flash games.

  • Ajszako

    Good game so far, having a few problems on the Kongregate site though. For the demon warrior, it will not let me equip the Nightwing ability. Also, in the same class, it won’t allow me to put any more the 4 points into the Strike with Hate. Maybe there is a level req, but it doesn’t say.

  • Askis

    “You will get full experience out of killing a monster if the absolute difference between the hero level and the monster level is lesser or equal than 3 (the infamous CLVL vs MLVL ). Above that, you get a tiny fraction of the experience. This design decision was necessary to avoid β€œfarming” certain levels and promote an overall even gameplay experience.”

    Did you playtest this at all?
    Farming certain levels is the only way to make new heroes useful and since you need all heroes, the game turns into a frustrating farmfest.

    Look at your own walkthrough videos, level 6, all heroes are lvl 10-12 (except the new kitsune you get after finishing that level), which is manageable, level 7, level 17-20. Are you kidding me?
    I’ve now spent about two hours (while watching a movie to make it less boring) trying to get the new kitsune to at least level 15…
    She’s at level 12, I still haven’t beaten the Tyrant Halls and I’ve given up.

  • Karg

    @Ajszako: nightwings may only be equipped in the first skill slot. and indeed, you may only put points in a skill so that skill required level + points <= character level. same as in diablo 2 πŸ˜‰ @ Askis: "grinding", was, unfortunately, a required design element πŸ™‚ that is, given the fact that i don't have much content (maps and missions) to match other "grindfests" like the Gemcraft series. however, i took the complaints into account and a new version with less XP penalties will be uploaded on Kongregate in a couple of hours.

  • Askis

    I appreciate it. πŸ™‚
    Still, thanks to the Hell difficulty and Army of Darkness and Eternal Damnation modes, you do have enough content to provide incentive for those looking for a high score, designing the normal campaign with less grinding in mind shouldn’t have been a problem.

  • td

    hi the i didnΒ΄t get aremi voidsoul although i played the crypts of sorcery..any help?

    • Karg

      have you won “crypts of sorcery” and it didn’t unlock aremi?

  • Me

    Too much grinding, not enough strategy. You can win the game by clumping your heroes together, maxing the speed, and doing the level over and over without looking at the screen. I like the idea of the teleport powers, but they weaken your hero (only two skills allowed, and that’s one of them), are hard to use in the middle of a fight, and aren’t really worth it when you can get more experience faster by looking away from your monitor and letting the heroes die a few times.

    Suggested improvements:
    – Monsters give less experience if they’ve been through the end-gate. This will encourage players to kill them early.
    – Have a third available skill, which can only be used for “active” skills like teleport.
    – Make it easier to level up. The game’s not too long, but the grinding makes it _feel_ too long.

  • Thetominator

    Re: the grinding issue

    Equip a king with heal and the iron heart to level up your new characters. Then, just place the king next to them with no attack. That way, you get max EXP for the level. Having a higher level character make a kill yields no EXP. Also, since it gets split, you don’t want a lot of characters on the map. Maybe place one at the escape portal if too many are slipping through…

  • Ephialtes

    i think an easier way to set up the new characters is to have them join you at the level you are supposed to be at. easier to level, and that way if you are to low of a level for the next map, you have a tiny bit better chance

  • Anthony

    I haven’t found too much issue with the grinding, I don’t see what the big problem is. When I got my second king it took maybe 20 minutes to get him on par with the rest of my guys. The second Kitsune is taking longer but that’s because I haven’t been replaying levels as often. The shield maidens level up fast regardless of what you do with them. Great game it gets a 5/5 from me on kong :). I wish in the skill descriptions it listed the range of the attack, the later levels have monsters appear at too great a distance from the melee heroes and so I’ve been trying to figure out which skills would be good to be able to reach them but it takes awhile to test out the skills and whatnot in terms of range and efficacy.

  • Lokiel

    The walkthrough video for the “crypts of sorcery” use a hero that is unlocked… by completing that same mission. Maybe you could fix that?

    • Karg

      a new version (v1.0.7) has been uploaded and the walkthrough has been updated. the changes include:

      ALT+click a skill in the skill tree to decrease one level;
      fixed the monster trapped in the dying animation;
      added visual markers for skill cool-down;

      If you find any other bugs, please post them.

  • 3d4udovishe.com

    Nice Tower Defense flash game.
    Good Composited whis RPG game!

  • pedro


  • Karg

    man, my Spanish is terribly rusty…but have you asked how to save? the progress is saved automatically, anytime you return to the game you’ll have all the missions and heroes just as they were.

  • Jgamer

    The game would be good if it didn’t require grinding to get through the standard campaign mode. I lost interest in the game as soon as I realized the amount of time it would take to finish the basics. Grinding is more for the ability to accomplish the bonus levels and the hard difficulties.

  • Thomas

    Games with grinding generally make it fun. You have pretty graphics, good music, good content, good story cutscenes. You should not artificially stretch out your game when we have no incentive to play. The result is we mark you down and stop playing your game.

    There is a simple fix you could do for this. Add a exp bonus, maybe 200% or so, for especially low characters, and remove any penalties for fighting monsters who are low level. This would vastly improve the game, and allow us to do the fun bits, not the boring parts.

  • Arashi

    The last mission was a killer – providing odd number of heroes is not fun! πŸ™

    My heroes were all above level 25 before I could complete the last mission – and the amusing thing is that despite having the exact same arrangement, X2 speed allowed me to pass the level while X4 doesn’t. A bug?

  • Jsmith

    @arashi, it’s possible that at 4x speed, yor computer can’t keep up with everything and it’s not detecting some collisions. I’ve played games where turning the quality from high to low would let me win for that reason.

  • bob

    as arashi said, on 2x you are able to beat some levels but on 4x you’ll start to leak, then kills a hero or two and then leak massively. (why don’t i just turn down the speed?) the game is great. I love it! but i need something fast. it’s good to have it on 1x 2x for a while but sometimes your just in a rush… also could there be a 6x or 8x? that would be great for power leveling and such.

  • Karg

    Since you can position the heroes with pixel accuracy, it’s quite difficult to say that 2x differs from 4x, even when the other conditions remain the same – same hero levels, same skill allocation. It’s possible to be a bug, although tests made during development showed no difference…but who knows, maybe I screwed up somewhere πŸ™‚

    6-8x speed? I think that would be the first TD to have such crazy simulation speeds πŸ™‚

    Just curious though: what would you say about a map/mission editor? The game has one built-in, but it’s not activated πŸ˜‰ What about a “tactical” game mode – with few monsters per wave and where each monster has more customized traits? For instance, demons will have a damage aura, nagas will split into smaller snakes after dying, etc?

  • Kel

    I enjoyed the game, at least the first few levels.
    After replaying the same level 10 times though, I got bored with it.
    There’s nothing to cut the monotone play after you’ve done it so many times. You can’t advance until you get your characters levels, but you can’t play any but the last level, or -possibly- the one before, or you get too little exp to make much of a difference.
    I’m on level six, and I’m sorry to say I’ve stopped playing. Too much grinding for no reason.

  • Anonymous

    neds more people

  • Me

    Uhhhh too much granding for no reason -.-

  • Anon

    I for one love the game, and have played it on 3 different computers restarting twice on one of them. the grinding to me makes it have flavor, also its a well ballenced game. the only problem i have with it is the lack of listed range on the abilities. also a good idea would be to, yes, have some unique ablities on them, such as the aura and such, but only on the generals and higher-ups. giving each “named” enemy a unique ability would add more to the game. i also like the idea of a third ability slot only for teleporting, making it easier to teleport in the middle of battle. also, have you thought of making a second one? implimenting the things on here into your new game, with a new storyline, new characters, and new enemys/lands. a little more stratagy would be nice, like elevation, with people on hills and such getting bonus to range/damage or whatever. maybe even forests and grasslands and such giving different bonuses depeding on territories. well hope you like my “little” comment. Cheeres! XD

  • Bo

    Hey , i tried level 6 so many times and all i was doing wrong was placing them in the wrong places , i used the positions on walkthrough 6 vid and i did it easy with a pretty high score 2 , and alot of my heroes leveled πŸ™‚ thanks

  • Bo

    This is an awesome game and im here to give you some of my thoughts and idea’s if you ever bring out a ‘Born On Fire 2’ version πŸ™‚ Firstly i think you should add 1 or 2 more skill slots for a teleport or an extra spell(s) but i also think that you could add inbetween the skills and the XP: 5000/5200 (for example) have the spells or ‘buffs’ that your heroes used for example ‘Lash Out’ Sorgal’s cry that increases the allies attack speed you could have a little picture inbetween your skills and xp there so you know what buffs you have on your hero (also when you scroll over with your mouse it says how long it will last for). As well i think you should add a more varierty of heroes e.g an assassin ( a hero that stays invisible on the path that the enemies walk on an use suprise attacks but have lower health to other heroes. These are a few of my idea’s i also like the idea’s of what other people have wrote, Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  • Bo

    whne your on a level at the bottom yu have a Options:

    but when you pause it there is also a guide option this could be taking up room for other things you could put there. πŸ™‚

  • Bo

    I had an idea for an end wave on a level where there was 2 guards and every 4 seconds both guards healed him for so much so hes harder to kill and when he dies he comes back as Undead with 1 guard that heals him thats undead too then he comes back a further time as a ghost with no guards and he gives out alot of experiance (he also has pretty high health to) :):) just another of my idea’s lol πŸ™‚

  • Bo

    I think when you click to play a level you should have a tab next to story saying info with how many waves , the average levels om enemies in the level and mebbies info on how many ‘bosses’ there are in that level 9vould also put other info about it in there aswell) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ = πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Frustrated

    hey man, all the soldiers but the Demon incarnate suddenly die WITH NO REASON on the last round of tyrant Halls, What a bug!!!

  • Karg

    On how many tries on that particular level did it happen? Did it happen all the time? Only on that level?

    Btw, you’re the first one to report such a behavior.

  • Yoann

    (I’m french, sorry for this English)

    I play this game for several days and i find him pretty good. I finished the nomal campaign, 5/10 hell campaign (i not again try level 6), and army of darkness 7/10.

    I come here cause i need some help to pass the level 8 of army of darkness, I tried a lot of time but i always loose (max score is about 2400).

    Moreover, I think you must improve the XP. I had to do the same level a very lot of time to XP characters (they are 33 to 39), and this is really annoying…. Some times i just put characters and launch the game and see a video waiting the end of level just to make them level up…
    So i have 2 propositions : reduce XP need to up 50 ( the total amount of XP must be divided by 2 but the time to XP level 25 must be reduce by only 20%), and increase XP win in Army of Darkness mode (maybe with a big bonus if we pass the level cause now army of Darkness is just for strategy and give nothing).

    Thah’s all… for now

  • Kfir

    A very nice and addictive game!

    A walkthrough for “Hell” levels will be nice =]

  • Nobody

    I’m not playing this game, and I’ll tell you why. The monsters start coming before I know how to play. I can’t look at the heroes or their abilities before the monsters start coming. I don’t even get a chance to figure out the interface and what the buttons do before I am already being attacked.

  • Yoann

    Nobody if you need help for the Hell Mode maybe i can help you (i finished this game mode).

  • Yoann

    Sorry Kfir if you need help , i’m here ^^

    Just tell me what is the level where you fail and the level of your characters.

    • Karg

      post the game version too (in main menu -> about) πŸ™‚

      oh, and thanks all for playing and posting your feedback.

  • Yoann

    v1.0.7 for Badge Games

  • Enora

    I love the game, honestly. I love having to go back and forth and work out what will do and what won’t….
    I really do like it (I have a love in my heart for the Gem Craft series, so reason stands to assume…)

    My only confusion is why do my heroes sometimes die when they have basically full health?? Yeepah, I don’t get it and it makes me sad. lol.
    Thanks a lot for the awesome game. I promise I’m addicted.

  • Xorben

    First of I really like the game! πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work!
    I have played while seeing some movies and just chilled on facebook.
    Second.. the levels are not balanced enough..

    Also about the Heroes, after they have turned over level 30, it’s kind of useless to get more xp cause it’s hard to play with more than 3 spells per. unit. it’s only the archers that gain extra damg. pr level… it would be better if they got a little bonus like 0,5% damg. pr lv.

    The maps.. It’s kind of weird when I can complete the last “X. The cloud Citadel” on Eternal Damination and gain 13k xp without looking when I can’t compleate the first map on the same mode πŸ˜› But again, it’s a good grinding map..
    But Thx for the nice game, I agree with Enora.. I’m addicted πŸ˜‰

  • Armigus

    Born of Fire ideas:

    Keeping XP balanced — Experience is first split among the heroes, then each hero’s share is modified by level. When a monster is overpowered you should get more XP, not less. Your new heroes and support characters level much faster and you don’t let certain heroes like the kitsunes run away with all the XP. Since Sorgal has limited ability to strike at range, he is at particular disadvantage often.

    All heroes need three slots: one for weapons only, one for support only (including teleport and mana leech), and one general. Increase mana regeneration by about 25% to compensate.

    The shieldmaidens have passive skills that allow them to use all of their points. All hero types need at least one passive skill.

    Demon (Sorgal)
    Terror Voice (passive, lvl 22), adds spectral damage and range to all offensive shouts (Voices of Fear, Chilling Shriek, Scourge of Malice, Tremble). 10 / 15 / 22 / 31 / 42 / 55 / 70 / 87 / 106 / 127.

    Chaos Blade (weapon, lvl 24), Sword creates linear blast that slices all enemies in its wake. Range about 70-80% of Lash Out. Does equal amounts magic and spectral damage that takes 4 secs for full effect. Starts at 20 each, 6 s recharge, 9 mana. Recharge drops 0.4s/level, mana increases 0.6/level, damage increases by 10/level. Depends on Rage of the Banished.

    King (Bellorne, Volrath)
    Command (passive, lvl 22), increases duration and range of support spells. +10%, +13%, +17%, +22%, +28%, +35%, +43%, +52%, +62%, +73%.

    Kitsune (Aremi, Malvena)
    Chaos Strike (passive, lvl 22), some of the damage from all attacks is randomized (spectral). 5% / 8% / 12% / 17% / 23% / 30% / 38% / 47% / 57% / 68%.

    Shieldmaiden (Kasdeya, Sammine)
    Leech Bolt (drain/support, lv 24), gives health and mana instead of dealing damage. Any extra health goes to mana instead and vice versa. Starts at 10-0.2/level second recharge, 5 mana+0.3/level, gives 7+1/level each second for 7 seconds. Depends on thunder bolt.

    Some scenarios are much nastier than others. On normal, Tyrant Halls and Valley of Dawn are rough, especially on new characters. On hard, Blood Falls is rough and the Tomb is nigh impossible. Some levels actually merit adding monsters to the waves to reduce the preparation (grinding) time. For normal, the Crystal Bridge applies heavily. On hard, the Crypts are a regular training ground because all monsters take the serpentine path. I actually used them to prepare for the tomb, two levels lower, for this reason.

  • Freak


    Hell is not the problem @all.
    Spiritual Healing for the King,
    Death from the sky and Black Hand auf Nypreth are very good for the kitsune
    Sorgal needs tremble.
    For the Shieldmaiden: Thunder Arrow – combined with Daugther of the sky.
    VERY Powerful.

    The problem ist: You level up theNypreth faster than anybody else (maxed out now).
    Shieldmaidens are following but the others stay in ther xp range.

    I try to beat Eternalt Damnation and army of Darkness in every level, but its way more difficult than hell in some levels.



  • Karg

    @armigus: i like the skills you suggested. if i’d find time to actually bring to life a v1.5 with everything that i had in mind…that would be a feat πŸ™‚

  • Yanabu

    I think its a really great game, but as with previous posts, there is too much grinding! I think the exp penalties for enemies 3+ levels lower isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but to have the exp penalties for enemies that are “too powerful” is ridiculous! If anything there should be increased exp! I also agree that the introduction of passive skills for each character is a good thing, since otherwise there is no point in leveling up, say, the kitsune after about level 30. Baseline attack increases could also solve this problem. I realise this probably sounds a little arrogant for me to say how to improve your game, but i just think these additions would enhance the game experience.


  • SummerTime

    New Heros that come available are really easy to give enough exp so they can fight alongside rest in appropriate high enough lvls. : just let em play some solo in the first – how ye call em – dungeons or lvls r whatever :D. They come fast enough up and give em a King r even both and so with live healing skills. In 2 days i have all 7 heros now at lvls 20 r more .. Frustrating that ye can only use 2 skills, so ye get real fast useless points – specially since ye can switch skills easy ( thats good ! ).
    Real FUN game – had some great hours spend THX ! ! ! The godslayer barbarian has so low reach, he needs do stretch exercises πŸ˜€

  • Miranda

    I really enjoy this game. I use it when I’m bored in class or just wanting to procrastinate. There are a few things I think you could fix/change:

    I have noticed the difference between 2x victory and 4x victory. That seems a bit strange.

    I think there should be one more really nifty character you unlock after the final battle. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

    When you unlock characters, they should be at least a decent level comparatively with your other characters. I don’t mind the grind, per se, but I think it would make your game a bit more popular overall.

    I’m aware that I might be the only one saying this, but I think your stories could benefit from some grammatical/spelling editing. I enjoy reading background stories, but I always find them difficult to get into as much when they are infused with errors. Have an English major look over them, perhaps? πŸ™‚

  • Vincent

    I keep encountering a very frustrating issue where my heroes only use one of the two skills they have equipped, and it seems to be arbitrary. How are these skills prioritized? For instance, if I choose to use a King with the damage buff and the health regen buff, he’ll cast health regen once at the beginning of the battle when everyone is at max HP, after which he will just repeatedly cast the damage buff, and never heal anyone when they actually need it, even though he has plenty of mana leftover.

    The same thing is happening with my Kitsune, but there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it. Sometimes she will just use one skill over and over again, and then ocassionally use the other skill. Switching the order of the skills doesn’t seem to make any difference. It’s like the characters have (very poor) minds of their own. I would like my heroes to – at the very least – use the skills that I’ve equipped them with. It’s rather difficult for me to level a new hero without the health regen buff since they tend to die so quickly if farming more difficult levels.

    • Karg

      skills have cooldown (aside from passive ones). the cooldown is shown by a red progress overlaying the skill icon in the hero status bar. also, skills need mana to work (check the mana requirement in the skills tab and the current mana in the hero status bar).

      if you think it’s not any of the above cases, then you probably stumbled upon a bug πŸ™‚ if you can mail me at karg at pirongames dot com with some screenshots where this happens, i might be able to sort it out.

      also, please tell the skills for which this happens.

  • Gamr666

    I cannot beat Tomb of the Fallen King on Hell mode, I have beaten almost every other hell mode level. And my lowest level character is lvl 40….What am I doing wrong?

  • shadowgrr

    Can anyone answer me how gate and wings ability is used?

  • Karg

    @shadowgrr: put at least one skill point into gate or nightwings (in the skill tree). then select sorgal or the sorceress, click the first skill icon in the hero stats window and select the ability. you will get a cursor with the hero then click on the map to jump/teleport. these skills have range, so make sure you click inside the range (the special cursor will turn red-ish if you want to use the skill out of range).

  • MLcoolX

    Umm really cool, But if it did’nt cap at lvl 50 it would have been better πŸ˜€

  • MLcoolX

    You Try it at http://www.arcadeprehacks.com/game/4457/Born-of-Fire.html
    It will be much easier to lvl up:D

  • Karg

    hm. how come i’ve never mentioned that I’ve included cheats in this game? πŸ™‚

    anyway, during game play, type “lvlu” or “lvld” to level up/level down the heroes. this will mark your save game as “cheated” though (probably doesn’t matter unless you play the game on a site that submits highscores).

  • MLcoolX

    There was a time on http://www.arcadeprehacks.com/game/4457/Born-of-Fire.html I had Kasdeya lvl 142 ROFLMAO

  • MLcoolX

    It’s cool that I did’nt expect what happened πŸ˜€ XD 8-D

  • MLcoolX

    Really, if you need help go make up the levels and skills at a lower level first

  • Anonymous

    Great game….
    need to wor on graphcs thogh.



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