Teaser: SuperChicken Battles the Penguin Horde

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Coming soon…


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lol this game is kinda homeworld like but may have less graphics or stuff but this game is very wicked like i said on review on kargs new comment that this game is a website game and cd games were ment to be better but thisgame is te best i found on this internet and […]

Haxe Preloader – Back to Square One

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(it’s going to be a rather long rant regarding the latest experiences with Haxe) In the beginning, Haxe games couldn’t preload. What Flash IDE can do with a click (“export in frame 1″) and Flex can do with some lines of code, there was no way of doing it in Haxe. Truth is, in the […]

The Easter Eggs in Orbital Decay

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Two of them and rather…obscure. They are closely related to one easter egg in Fallout 3. Yeah, who would have thought one can actually find a place to hide easter eggs in that game? 🙂 Please find them and return them to me 😉

Invisible Ink Puzzle Answers

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If you’re looking for Invisible Ink puzzles answers (walkthrough!), here they are in English language. There are more other possible answers (that better/precisely describe the doodle) and give more points, but those…you have to find them out for yourself 🙂 A thank you for supporting my games with Web Monetization! Tutorial circle, square, triangle, x […]

New Game! Invisible Ink

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So here it is: Invisible Ink. It’s not the epic kind of game and it does require to put a little bit of imagination and thinking at work. Watch the pen move and guess the doodle being drawn in invisible ink. The game is available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Romanian. And, […]

Orbital Decay’s Ready to Launch

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Nothing related to that Orbital Decay, but funny stuff nonetheless 🙂 Anyway, more of this guy rockets here.

Games Line-up #2

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As Born of Fire TD pretty much hit the maintenance end of the line and only one license (see the previous post) remains to be customized, it’s time to move on and explore other creative horizons 😉 A puzzle game has been completed – it’s actually ready since April – and it’s that kind of […]

Born of Fire TD v1.0.9

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Has been uploaded on the portal. It includes a bug fix for the medals icons going beserk after repeatedly opening the mission window in the mission selection screen. Also,  proud to announce that Spil (also) acquired a license, which means that game is going to be localized in 16 languages (unfortunately, all texts but the […]

Mochibot Stats: Orbital Decay

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Public stats for Orbital Decay are available here. Stats are for game impressions: one Mochibot ping before the game is loaded/initialized. The game was also licensed to Armor Games, where it got 300k+ plays and an unknown number of plays at Big Fish Games (but probably around 100k). All in all, 2.5 million game plays […]