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So, here goes 3 months and no update.  Luckily, Born of Fire TD is still going on (it was a huge undertaking, programming & design wise) and things are right now in the phase “add one feature and nine bugs happily pop-up”. Hope to post some screens and maybe a gameplay movie by the next […]

Introducing “Born of Fire”

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A bit of showing off the art style from “Born of Fire” – the upcoming tower-defense game  – so here are mugshots of some of the characters. The artist in charge is Robert Gonzales.

The Making of: Orbital Decay, Part 2

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…or how to make the graphics (when you’re not an artist). I planned Orbital Decay as a solo enterprise and making the graphics took most of the time: out of the 5 months it took for the project to finish, 3.5 were allocated for the graphics. I opted out for a retro-pixel art-“16 bit graphics” […]


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Opening old .arj archives to find an illustrated history of Piron…

Games Line-up

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Unnamed Tower Defense (former known as Vorago) It’s a story-driven TD game with emphasis on RPG elements, currently under development. Assets are done 90%, code and design will follow in the next month. It was supposed to be named “Vorago”, but a game with a similar name was released several days ago. Planned for release […]

Add-On: Editor or Extra-Content?

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…or both? It’s possible to start working on an add-on for Orbital Decay, somewhere in the near future, so I’m considering various features to include. One would be a  mission editor for every creative player to fiddle with, where you’ll be able to create a new campaign and share it with the others. The other […]

The Making of: Orbital Decay, Part 1

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This is the first post in a series that will detail various stages of the development of Orbital Decay. I felt “postmortem” sounds ugly or maybe way too common, and since this is the unusual blog, things are getting done a bit differently than in the gaming industry 😉 This part will detail the idea […]

Orbital Decay Story Transcript

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Some players complained that the story moved too fast and I somehow feel they are right. At least for the non-native English speakers, reading the story and shooting down baddies was probably a not-so very pleasant experience. Later on, a while after the release, I had the brilliant idea to add a “log” button that […]

Orbital Decay Avatars

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Here’s a little something for the fans: seven 60×60 avatars of the Orbital Decay characters. From left to right, they are AI Steiner, AI Celia, alter ego Steiner, alter ego Celia, Aru pilot, raider pilot and raider commander. Grab the whole pack and use them on your favorite forum, messenger or social networking site 😉

Opening up

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I have considered for quite some time opening a blog, but I wasn’t exactly sure if I’ll have the time and mood to take care of it enough to become  a little more than “just another WordPress blog”. Hope to do it at a regular pace though, but hell, I won’t write here daily. Not […]