Born of Fire TD v1.0.8

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…is live on the portal and has the following features: unlocked heroes are no more level 1. Instead, they get the same level as the lowest of the other heroes. This should greatly reduce the “grinding” for “Normal” campaign. heroes over level 20 get a 10% bonus per hero level to damage skills. This should […]


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Publishing your games on Nonoba is fun! …click…click…type…type…click…click…submit…*wait* Table ‘.\nonoba\search’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired If this isn’t fun, then I don’t know what else is 🙂

“Father, I look up to you!”

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If you think you’ve spotted one too many Manowar references in Born of Fire, here’s why: So remember: when doing house chores, it’s imperative to wear Manowar insignia! Humming “boooorn with a heaaaart of steeeeeel” is optional, but recommended. It really helps 🙂

A Tale of Three Bugs

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It’s a fact: bugs love me. Flash-back, a couple of years ago. As part of the Gameloft porting drone army, I’ve got the task of getting AND1 Streetball work on a couple of Sprint phones. On the first look, the phones were decent, with plenty of package and memory and it seemed like an easy […]

Born of Fire TD – The Hero Stats

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In the pure Diablo 2 tradition, here are the Born of Fire TD hero stats as tables.

Obsessing over TD: Nicemetal

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Here’s a little Flash tower-defense game called Nicemetal by Babara. It’s not something that screams for mainstream: the name is weird (and we don’t care as long as it follows the “all your base” pattern 🙂 ), 8-bit graphics (and even of the very dull and dusty kind), 8-bit music, the menus and cutscenes are […]

Born of Fire TD – Live!

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Play Then please share and shout hard. The Immortal Heroes Vladislav “DreamRunner” Lobanov Robert Gonzales Jon Adamich Tasselfoot The Doom Warriors Traian Pop Stelian Serban Stefan ‘Max the Fireraven’ Giurgiu

Walkthrough: Born of Fire TD

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Welcome to the Born of Fire TD game guide. Born of Fire is a rather different kind of tower-defense, bringing in a couple of new game-play elements. First, there are the role-playing elements: your heroes are not just “upgrading”, but they are gaining experience points, unlocking new skills (over 10 for each class) and improving […]

Hear the battle cry – Born of Fire TD, coming on April 27th!

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After lots of months in development and lots of other months laying dormant, waiting for a better fate, Born of Fire, the tower-defense and RPG hybrid, will go live on my portal on April 27th. This is what’s waiting for you that day: 4 classes (demon incarnate, kitsune, shieldmaiden and king); 7 characters; over 40 […]

[NSFW]The Epic Boobs of Ucogi

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Truly wonderful. The animation technique, what else!?