Walkthrough: Orbital Decay

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This is the walkthrough for Orbital Decay

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Laser turrets are good all-round, with fast fire rate, small damage and high range.

Flak turrets fire slow at close ranges, with high damage; they are good against fighters, asteroids and mines.

Rocket turrets fire very slow, but have high damage and medium range; they are good against capital ships, but they may also prove lethal against fighters.

The repair bay produces drones, that orbit your ship and repair its systems. Make sure to constantly upgrade it. Also make sure to check on your turrets health a lot and repair them manually in the Build&Upgrades section.

Fighters are good to draw the enemy fire away from your carrier. Build more fighters bays and upgrade them to make them more efficient.

Selling a turret gives you back 80% of its RU value (including the upgrades).

Capital ships turrets (including yours!) can be destroyed by firing in their vicinity. Make sure to upgrade the hit-points of the turrets near the edges.

The common (but not the only!) strategy for the hard mode involves selling the fighter bay in the beginning as the enemies will be driven directly to your carrier, making them an easy kill for the ultragun. Then alternatively upgrade the ultragun damage/fire rate and the drones count/repair. After level 3, you’ll have RU to invest in a couple of laser turrets, 4 or 5 would be enough. Choose the top/tower hardpoint, 2 or 3 in the ship center and one at the bottom, near the ultragun, this way they will cover multiple incoming enemies vectors. Upgrade the turrets damage and fire-rate, and for the one near the edges, upgrade one level of the hit-points. It’s possible that for the last chapter, you’ll need to sell the laser turrets and invest in a couple of fighters, to draw away the massive damage of the boss and its minions.

The video walkthrough was done on version 1.0.8 (the Piron version), but it works OK on 1.0.7 too, so it should help people get the hard badge on Kongregate.

The strategy puts emphasis on the ultragun and drone bay upgrades, with a few laser turrets sidekicks up to level 5. Make sure you don’t waste money on repairing turrets, or worse, lose them. I did lose one on level 5, so there is a small room for errors. From level 7 on, invest in the fighter bays so by the level 10 you should have 3 bays/9 fighters to keep the boss busy targeting them.

Don’t forget to switch to higher quality and have the annotations option turned on. For those who asked “how to build drones”, the answer is a few seconds away 🙂

The following video playthrough was recorded from the original Flash version, that I’ve released in 2009. The current version is the HTML5 port I’ve made in 2018 (and the only one on the Internet), that also underwent a minor face-lift. It plays the same, however!

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Orbital Decay, Levels 1-2, Hard Playthrough
Orbital Decay, Levels 3-4, Hard Playthrough
Orbital Decay, Level 5, Hard Playthrough
Orbital Decay, Levels 6-7, Hard Playthrough
Orbital Decay, Level 8, Hard Playthrough
Orbital Decay, Level 9, Hard Playthrough
Orbital Decay, Level 10, Hard Playthrough

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.
  • Khephren

    Fantastic Game,
    Really enjoyed it. Hope you have a sequal in the works? Would look great on xbox live! 😉

    • Karg

      Thanks man, appreciate it. I don’t plan sequels, maybe an add-on (more weapons, extra enemies behavior, maybe an editor), but nothing too soon unfortunately.

  • Darren Le

    i hope there is some sequel. I thought the game was great!

  • yuppa

    Hey man, i love all your games, anything new coming out soon?

    • Karg

      thank you 🙂

      i’m working on a small physics-based puzzle (phuzzle!), which will be finished in a couple of weeks.

  • haha

    still a piece of shit game. if you want how to feel what its like to pilot the death star, then you get 10/10.



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