The Salty Programmer: No Curse, No Rewards

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as found in production code 😀

The Salty Programmer: Beware The Rise Of The Machines

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as found in production code 🙂  

Porting Haxe 2.x to 3.x Is “Ewwww”

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Just got around to try and finish a game (a physics puzzle, what else), that was in an advanced state of development years back and this means looking into 4 years old Haxe 2.x code that doesn’t compile anymore on Haxe 3.x. So many breaking changes and very annoying ones, for that matter…like that one […]

Rant in the AM

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The game development equivalent of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”: the QA specialist who cried urgent bug 😀

So What Do You Say You Do For a Living?

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Working with various companies delivering end to end recruitment strategy,work flow and processes. Leading to IT systems implementation, structural design of interview competency frameworks and community talent pipeline builds. Utilising 3rd party software: Avature CRM, Taleo and Microsoft touch Analytics. Incorporating SHL assessment and interviewing techniques to provide comprehensive talent assessment and quality of hire […]

Preemptive Software Development

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We fix shit before it happens :p

Etica, media, politica

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Crin Antonescu, invitat la ProTV, la “Dupa 20 de ani”, e intrebat de moderator cat de morala si etica e alianta cu Becali si de ce e important George “Gigi” Becali pentru USL. Raspunsul (citat aproximativ): “Becali e important pentru ca dvs. l’ati facut important. Toata media l’a facut important” 😀 ProTV ar trebui sa […]

Life of a Game Programmer

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Insider jokes, true stories 🙂 The Gold Candidate Migration of the Game Developers (In Romanian, from the days when Bucharest was too small for so many mobile game dev companies :D)  

More Spy Conundrums

Insider 0 So, in the age of VPNs, darknets, SSL and 200 megapixels cameras, spies are still smuggling classified papers in briefcases? Now, seriously? 🙂

Falling Skies

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The Hug-Fest (less hugs, more action please).