New Release: Wiggly Things!

Insider 04 Jan , 2019 0

Greetings, avid online game player. I’ve made another game that, hopefully, you’ll enjoy playing: Wiggly Things!

Wiggly Things draws some basic inspiration from an old Gameboy Advance game called Hot Potato, at least for the color-matching mechanics.

Development was done in multiple “sprints” between October-December 2018 and took roughly 60 hours (including producing, programming, art, sound). Due to the asynchronous nature of the game-play, I had to go on using Typescript Promises more in-depth, which took a little while to nail them down. The development was done using Cocos Creator, language of choice was Typescript and have used IntelliJ Idea as IDE.

I did the art using Inkscape (mainly) and GIMP for some re-touches here and there.

The font used is Hand Drawn Shapes by JLH Fonts. This font was released under public domain by its author.

Music track is “Time To Go To Space Now !!” by Komiku and is licensed under CC0 license. Please check more of this guy’s music, it’s really amazing!

Sound effects were found at

Two more games are already finished and will be released in the coming weeks. Check back on a Friday (in fact, check back every day for your healthy dose of gaming!) or connect with us via Facebook to be up-to-date when happenings happen.

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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