New Release: Laser Lab!

Insider 14 Sep , 2018 1

My latest game, Laser Lab, has finally been released! Play it now, it’s got lasers, mirrors, fancy lab-equipment and 20 levels to keep your science muscle flexed :p

The game was much inspired by Deflektor (even the internal name is,  well, Deflector Project), and funnily enough, back in 1995, I’ve also made a clone of it for DOS (in Turbo Pascal).

The most of the work was done back in 2012, although it had quite a different theme: an alien invasion. The work was resumed in July 2018 (yeah, been so busy for the past 6 years), this “lab experiment” theme was chosen and one month later, the game was gold.

It was developed in Haxe/Flash (originally) and ported to OpenFL to target HTML5. It uses the same engine as Knight and Witch and Loose Cannon Physics. In 2012, this was perfect for Flash. But it’s not so perfect for HTML5, so it’s possible that you may encounter the occasional glitch, it may not work on all browsers on all devices, etc. It is also the last game (for now) to use Haxe/OpenFL, as I’m currently exploring game development with Cocos Creator and Unity3D.

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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