New Release: Don’t Worry!

Insider 19 Oct , 2018 1

Hello there, kittens, and welcome to yet another Piron Games release: Don’t Worry!

Much inspired by Filler, it’s a small game to kill 5 minutes: create smileys, dodge enemies and fill up the screen with smileys!

It was developed in August 2018, over the course of 3 weeks (around 50 hours effective development time). This time, I’ve used Cocos Creator and Typescript, as a first game to assess these technologies. Turns out I’ve enjoyed working with these, they’re quite great for HTML5 games and there will be many more games to follow developed with them!

As usual, I’ve made the art in Inkscape.

While I haven’t tested in all possible browser and devices combinations, it will work on even old devices like IPad Mini and IPhone 5 and obviously, in all desktop browsers. I recommend using Google Chrome/Opera though, out of all the desktop browsers, they have the fastest Javascript engines.

Thank you for playing and stay tuned for more releases!

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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