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Puzzles Karg 4



Swooden is a cute online game, with physics puzzle elements, where you balance wooden blocks into amazing structures. Fight the reverse gravity, avoid the saws and beat 28 challenges!


The game was made in Cocos Creator/Typescript, with a HTML5 target.


Swooden follows in the footsteps of my previous games like Amazing Acrobats, Art Of Balance and Purrtastic Four, where I've explored the balancing physics game genre. It's not as pretentious as, say, Art Of Balance, yet, I think, it still delivers a twist in the classic gameplay.

In case you're wondering why 28 levels (and not 30 or any round number), well, that's because that many level icons fit in the UI and I was too lazy to go back to Inkscape and redesign things.

But, by all means, please leave a comment, here or on Facebook, if you like this game. I'm always looking forward to add new features and levels if a game stirs some interest!

  • Mac

    cannot open

    • Karg

      can you please tell me which platform are you trying to play the game? desktop? mobile? thanks.

  • BdR

    Very good game, especially the presentation graphics and music are really nice. But when a block falls or is sawed WHILE the timer is checking it doesn’t immediately go to “fail”, so even though you already know the level failed you still have to wait which is annoying. Also, some of the texts are really small can’t you replace with larger icons? And I would rearrange the level order a bit, put more easy/obvious levels at the beginning so players get the hang of it, and introduce the weirder levels (upside down etc.) a bit later

    • Karg

      hey, thanks for playing!

      you are spot on with the failed checking, i’ll look into it.

      can you please tell me which icons/labels you’ve found too small/hard to read? are you playing on mobile?



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