My Tech Setup For Making Games With Cocos Creator

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Here’s an overview of my tech and toolkit “stack” for making games with Cocos Creator. I use Typescript and IntelliJ IDEA as IDE, with tslint for static analysis. I use JetBrains IDE Support to debug Typescript by connecting Chrome to IDEA. For this reason, I use Chrome as the default browser when testing in Cocos […]

The Great Flash Extinction

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I’ve recently stumbled on a small piece regarding the Flash death and its aftermath and thought I’d maybe throw in my 2 proverbial cents. The article can be read here. Back in 2008, I’ve thought maybe gave web games development a try. As I wasn’t a big fan of ECMAScript languages (Actionscript/JS) and because I […]

Leaderboards! Now for Don’t Worry

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I’ve been working on adding leaderboards to some of the games developed recently. Don’t Worry is the first game to receive support for it. At the moment, it’s in a beta-like state. If things go right, Amazing Acrobats, Wiggly Things, Drople and Dododox will also receive the leaderboard upgrade. You must be logged in in […]

Pointless Tips: Cocos2D PList textureImageData

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It may happen that a Cocos2D Plist file (for instance, one used by the particle system) to embed the texture data in a textureImageData field. It may so happen that you want to extact this into an actual image. textureImageData is a Base64 zipped png 😀 If you have access to bash (on a Linux, […]

Game Releases Road Map

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Here’s a list of the browser/HTML5 games that will be released in the upcoming months: Dododox (the companion game of Drople): end of August 2019; Dog And Ball Forever (a physics puzzle similar to Love Balls): end of September 2019; Blockets (a grid based arcade puzzle inspired by Tetris): end of October 2019.   There’s […]

To The Brilliant Minds Behind Google Chrome…

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…please check that “Software Reporter Tool” is already running before spawning 10 more processes that eat 100% of the CPU. I enjoy the silence and the cooler with 100% CPU usage is very noisy. Thanks, I love you, peace out!

The Salty Programmer: How Much Is Too Much

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A programmer gets recalled from his holidays to fix bugs, after the gold version was delivered…

New Release: Purrtastic Four!

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It’s this time of the month when I release a new game! Design Purrtastic Four follows in the footsteps of classic balancing Flash games of the old, but it brings a twist to the genre: tossing the cats! Restricting placement to only some zones in certain levels and moving platforms in other levels should add […]

Orbital Decay, 10 Years After

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On this day, 10 years ago, Orbital Decay was released worldwide!

New Release: Art Of Balance!

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Hey, hey, hey! It’s a Friday, new-game-release time! Design Art Of Balance is inspired by classic Flash games like Super Stacker and Perfect Balance series and it brings an unique gameplay gimmick, inspired by the art of rock balancing: in some levels, stones take a delay to activate. This creates the possibility to create more […]