Walkthrough: Knight And Witch

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This is the video walkthrough for Knight And Witch.

Recruitment Ads Awards

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Procedural Content Award “Purpose of the role: To analyse, develop and implement solutions complying to current standards for software development which fully support the current and future requirements and add maximum value to the business.” (Thank heavens for random generators!) Winston Wolfe Award Get yourself hired as a Problem Manager (I’m Winston Wolfe. I solve […]

Orbital Decay Graphic Assets and More

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Because I was asked if I could share the assets of Orbital Decay and since I don’t plan to make Orbital Decay 2, at least not in this 2D form, here are the graphics, sounds, strings and gameplay files used, all in one package: Orbital Decay Data I’m afraid there’s no easy way to present […]

MageSteel First Look

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A first look of MageSteel – The Riddles of Fire and Steel, a physics puzzle that I’ve just finished developing and that will be released in the next couple of months.

(Matrix of) Leadership

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Five Leadership Lessons From James T. Kirk – seemed like a good title for an article, so it attracted my attention. And I’m not even a trekkie. #1, “Never Stop Learning”, while true for any human being in existence (ffs, even V.I. Lenin thought this way) storms out with an out-stretched comparison of the said […]

Editor Guide: Loose Cannon Physics

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This is the editor guide for Loose Cannon Physics

Walkthrough: Loose Cannon Physics

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This is the video walkthrough for Loose Cannon Physics.

New Game: Loose Cannon Physics

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The game was released about a month ago and pretty much forgot to update the blog. But I know you do visit the arcade, so you probably know about this already 🙂 If you don’t, go and play Loose Cannon Physics, then come back to spill your thoughts. Credits Programming, Game/Level Design and Art Stefan […]

Against SOPA

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Apparently, shit just got real and the anti-SOPA protest/blackout is happening. Which is great. So if you’re one of the few americans that browse around, off you go…do something about it. Just think how many memes like the one below you’ll be thrown toward you if this one passes 🙂      

The Ghost Protocol Dilemma

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So they have retinal scanner with real-time face recognition, sticky gloves able to hold the user on any surface, face sculpting tech, last BMW ultra-tech prototype car…yet the hand-cuffs can be still opened with a metal paperclip? 😀