Don’t Be An Asshole

Insider 26 May , 2020 0

Browsing comments on one of my older games, Loose Cannon Physics on Kongregate unearthed this little gem of a comment:

Didn’t like the game very much at all, seen similar games before, but i’m actually going to “help” you, since i didn’t like it. Gonna fix some fake ratings, ads-pressning och visits on the sponsors pages so you get revenues, i’ll use bots and other ip-adress ofc, i know what i’m doing, but at the same time of the day, good luck explaining that to kong and your sponsors… yeah, blame a random dude in the comments… maybe it’s just you as am hiding behind another ip-adress… this hopefully will learn you to come up with some new and fresh ideas. =D


It’s mind-boggling how entitled and spoilt some players of free browser games are. Instead of moving on to search for a game you like, threaten a developer, that’s gonna earn you some karma points for sure 😀

Luckily, at that time, Youtube was not implementing copyright striking in its obnoxious form as today, otherwise I feel this fine gentleman would have made me a “favour” with Youtube as well. Just as poor Game From Scratch had it the other day, from some asshole, just because “he can”:

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Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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