Orbital Decay Avatars

Insider 17 Jun , 2009 2

Here’s a little something for the fans: seven 60×60 avatars of the Orbital Decay characters. From left to right, they are AI Steiner, AI Celia, alter ego Steiner, alter ego Celia, Aru pilot, raider pilot and raider commander.

Grab the whole pack and use them on your favorite forum, messenger or social networking site 😉

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.
  • tajgames

    The most right and the 3rd left avater seems cool.cam you tell me from where I can get more such avaters?

    • Karg

      A friend of mine (and a long time “brother-in-arms”) made them for OD. I’m pretty sure you can find artists on communities like Concept Art that can supply you with an endless amounts of avatars for a fair price 🙂



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