Bumper To Bumper

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Bumper To Bumper


Bumper To Bumper is a 3D puzzle where the goal is to free cars from the traffic jam. Try to complete each level in as few moves as possible and match the indicated par.

21 levels are currently available, and more will come as soon as the game hits 10.000 game-plays.


The game was developed using Unity, coded in C# and exported as a WebGL game. I'm experimenting a lot with Unity, so there may be issues. If you encounter any, please leave a comment! :)


Coding, UI art and game design by Stefan Dicu (Piron Games)

The amazing music track is called "Retrospective" and is composed by m0d. It is available in public domain.

The 3D art is, mostly, a Unity asset called Simple Town, to which I've created a couple of more models and textures.


I've built upon the code used in Last Ball, which uses Zenject, signals and my own framework, and adjusted for level based puzzles. Since I plan my next two Unity 3D games to be puzzles as well, it made sense.

I've also worked on tiny details in the UI, especially with the transitions of various elements and for this matter I've used LeanTween. I'm a long time user of GSAP (all my Cocos Creator games use it) and felt that such a library offers much more freedom for code-wise animations as opposed to co-routines.

I've also started to use sprite sheets to group together UI related sprites. Hopefully, this will result in improved performance.

I've used Simple Town assets by Synty Studios. I'm not very content to use ready-made assets, but, I think it's OK for this particular game. As with all ready-made assets, it's not always 100% fit for the purpose, so I've used ProBuilder to create new road tiles to fit various lane combinations. Some new textures were also created.

I wish I still had the 3D modelling proficiency of the past times and tools such as Truspace still existed. Unfortunately, learning Blender doesn't come naturally to me. I do plan some new levels and new types of cars to free from the traffic jams, but, all in due-time ;)

Arguably, this type of game - sliding tiles - is not very original in its core. The cool thing about it, however, is that the number of puzzles for each grid size, car count and car sizes is finite. So, just as any lazy programmer would do, I've created a script that generates levels. It's not very optimized, but it does its job. Just like the old lore: "(go away or) I'll replace you with a very small shell script" :D

Hope you'll enjoy this game and please stick around, there are more games to try!



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