SuperChicken Goes Wild

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Please play, enjoy and don’t forget to cast your vote 😉 On Kongregate: holy-moley! On Newgrounds: up, up and away!

SuperChicken Is Here!

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Play SuperChicken Battles the Penguin Horde Do you know why did SuperChicken cross the road? To shoot the invading penguins and save the chicks, of course. What’s inside 2 heroes, SuperChicken and BabyChicken, each with different superpowers For each hero, 10 campaign missions where you’ll get a shot at the Penguin King “Forever Endless” to […]

Orbital Decay – Now with Leaderboards!

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Finally finished implementing the leaderboards for Orbital Decay. Play, record your score, carve your name in the hall of fame! 🙂 Been a wild ride forging this with CodeIgniter, php, sql, RESTful, haxe/as3-to-REST communication, integrating into my own custom arcade…happy this works as expected. (oh yeah, and report any bugs you might find)

“Experience working in agile environments”

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== our management is so incompetent that will often set unrealistic milestones that require lots of over-time, will change goals many times half-way through project, will only issue very loose requirements and will gang-rape you for not meeting them? 🙂

(not so)Fans #2

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Originally posted in the Kongregate forums here. I find it intriguing that someone would spend so much time writing about a piece of shit game (Orbital Decay) he so much hated. Oh well. Internet is a curious place 🙂

Time Travelling is Just Too Dangerous

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20 years ago…Sinclair Basic 18 years ago…Pascal 14 years ago…C++ 8 years ago…Java 3 years ago…Haxe

Know Your Audience

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Here’s this little puzzle game, Robo Riot by UrbanSquall. Just see the screenshot below, it’s cute. Crisp pixel-art like, special effects, all in all, great production value. But, at the same time, there’s something so wrong with it. The puzzle mechanic is, essentially, designed for a casual audience, you know how marketing defines that: women […]

Teaser: SuperChicken Battles the Penguin Horde

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Coming soon…


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lol this game is kinda homeworld like but may have less graphics or stuff but this game is very wicked like i said on review on kargs new comment that this game is a website game and cd games were ment to be better but thisgame is te best i found on this internet and […]

Haxe Preloader – Back to Square One

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(it’s going to be a rather long rant regarding the latest experiences with Haxe) In the beginning, Haxe games couldn’t preload. What Flash IDE can do with a click (“export in frame 1″) and Flex can do with some lines of code, there was no way of doing it in Haxe. Truth is, in the […]