FlodXM ported to HaXe

Insider 20 Oct , 2011 0

Recently, I have investigated the opportunity of using Amiga-like tracker music in my games. I really want to make an “anniversary” version of Orbital Decay (woohoo…3 years!) and one of the features is a nice and engaging soundtrack, without bloating the file size. And, apparently, if things go nice and well, Loose Cannon will also have such a soundtrack.

So, I’ve ported the aforementioned library to HaXe. Grab it from the here.

There are  a couple of small bug fixes and there is a speed optimization for the mixing, by using the flash.Memory class (Alchemy bytecodes, bla-bla-bla). The processor load, using the standalone debug Flash player, as seen in Process Explorer tool, is 4%, compared to the AS3 version which does 8% (the machine is an AMD 3200XP with 2Gb RAM running WinXp).

Apparently, NeoArt, the guys that made Flod stuff, will release Flod 4.0 (soon?). Porting, again, will be such a funny task 🙂

Update: apparently, according to Nicolas Cannasse, Adobe removed Alchemy opcodes from the latest Flash player (11.2), so if you compile for this target, you have to revert to using Vectors instead of the flash.Memory API.

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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