Idiotic Ideas: UK Petition To Require ID For Social Media Accounts

Insider 14 Jul , 2021 0


Why not give Big Tech more personal data? You thought the Cambridge Analytica data scandal was bad? Wait till you get a scandal involving real person identities.

Why not give hackers more data to steal? Do you think them getting the username and password for your social media where you post you selfies is bad? Wait till they get a hold of your real identity information. And no, Big Tech, third party id verification services or the government are not immune to hacking.

Why not give your government even more ways to quash on dissent voices or perpetrate abuses? Remember when UK and US were happily digitally spying on each others citizens to avoid laws forbidding spying on their own citizens? Remember those times when UK tourists were denied entry in USA over some stupid tweets and many other cases of border force abuse? Remember that US requires you provide handle and passwords to your social media accounts on immigration/visa forms? Do you really want to be that country?

Why not give the police more ways to harass citizens over their views posted on social media? Give your police the power to also act as moral police! But wait…do you think police blasting pop music while being filmed to trigger content filtering on Youtube is mildly amusing? Wait until you film the police doing something embarrassing, post it on your social media, then immediately receiving a courtesy visit from them! How long do you think it will take you to fold over their pressure (read: harassment)? What if you can’t afford an attorney? Do you really have what it mentally and physically takes to fight the “law”?

Ultimately, remember the UK government monumental failure of trying to implement ID check when accessing adult sites?

Of course we don’t remember. We’re like fishes in a fish bowl. Our memory doesn’t last for a full lap of the bowl.

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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