Orbital Decay Graphic Assets and More

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Because I was asked if I could share the assets of Orbital Decay and since I don’t plan to make Orbital Decay 2, at least not in this 2D form, here are the graphics, sounds, strings and gameplay files used, all in one package:

Orbital Decay Data

I’m afraid there’s no easy way to present these because the game’s pretty complex, however, feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to help.

In the sprites folder, there are a bunch of  “.xsprite” files. These are sprite definition files used by an internal tool, which won’t be publicly released. But feel free to ask and I’ll explain the format 🙂

As for the code, I’m afraid it will not be released in the near future, if ever. Main reason is that the game was sponsored and, even if the game was released 3 years ago, the sponsor won’t be happy to see source code floating around (competition, eh). Also, I’m not able to offer support for a possible source code release, as I already have a bunch of open source projects, and because the source code is based on an ever-changing internal library which requires way to much work in order to “beautify” it for a public release.

The license that the Orbital Decay Assets are released follows below:

Creative Commons License
“Orbital Decay Data Files” by Stefan Dicu is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at www.pirongames.com.

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.
  • EntropyDragon

    Orbital Decay is one of my favorite flash games ever. I look forward to having more to play some day.

    • Karg

      thanks 🙂 hope someday i’ll have the motivation to make orbital decay 2

  • Lurkily

    I agree – Orbital Decay is one of the best defense-style strategy games I’ve played, and it was one of the games that first got me interested in defense and/or resource management strategy games.

    I notice you also played The Space Game and Creeper World – both games that place a heavy emphasis on network building/management.

    Totally separately I’ve been considering the idea of a game combining elements of an RTS, some elements of Tower Defense, and the network/resource management of games like The Space Game, Creeper World, and Harvest:Massive Encounter.

    It’s not a project I have the coding prowess to accomplish on my own, but I’d considered the possibility of comissioning a coder to work with me on the project. It’s not something I’d considered seriously until I found a slightly updated version of Orbital Decay, and then this blog, but I would like to know if the idea interests you.



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