The Salty Programmer: How Much Is Too Much

Insider 14 Jun , 2019 0

A programmer gets recalled from his holidays to fix bugs, after the gold version was delivered…

Reasons for being frustrated? Plenty. Leaving a vile comment in the code, it’s disrespectful. Because the comment is quite nasty, contains racial slurs and lots of curse words and some reference some political situation back in the day. Sometimes, it’s funny to see witty comments, but this kind of stuff it’s…meh.

Maybe it doesn’t fully make sense if you’re not Romanian. You could try to Google Translate it. If you’re Romanian, then it needs no translation 😀

I’ve been sitting on this one for many years now and I’ve always had a certain reticence to post it. Hopefully, as so many years have passed, it won’t have any impact on anyone’s reputation. So, as seen in production code:

the salty programmer

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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