Invisible Ink Puzzle Answers

Insider 24 Aug , 2010 0

If you’re looking for Invisible Ink puzzles answers (walkthrough!), here they are in English language. There are more other possible answers (that better/precisely describe the doodle) and give more points, but those…you have to find them out for yourself 🙂

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circle, square, triangle, x


A, infinity, heart, star, peace, dollar, pentagram, globe, clover, spade(as in playing cards “ace of spades”), arrow, smile, car, hourglass, house


N, cube, umbrella, tooth, cog, gem, atom, palm, radiation, lightbulb, arrow, palmtree, communism (hammer and sickle), music note, footprint


elephant, paperclip, pear, rabbit, maple leaf (also Canada 😉 ), guitar, cherry, rifle, Africa, bird, anchor, gun, mouse, eiffel (tower), snowflake

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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