Opening up

Insider 17 Jun , 2009 0

I have considered for quite some time opening a blog, but I wasn’t exactly sure if I’ll have the time and mood to take care of it enough to become  a little more than “just another WordPress blog”. Hope to do it at a regular pace though, but hell, I won’t write here daily. Not yet, anyway 🙂

So what’s this going to be about? Definitely, it won’t be a technical blog, I’m not going to spam the web with yet another blog just to show how to draw a line in Action Script. Unless it’s something that involves original coding tricks, I won’t even bother. Then, I’ll try to share details about the projects developed under the “Piron Games” flag, present&future and postmortems of the past ones. I’ll also share my non-technical interests, like cooking experiments. If the blog will prove to be otherwise bland, pictures of food might save it 🙂

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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