Ad Free Games And Coil Web Monetization

Insider 07 Oct , 2019 0

As you might have noticed, the few ads I had around are gone. And they should stay away for the foreseeable future.

Now, I’m experimenting with a web monetization platform called Coil. The platform is supported by Mozilla, among others. The system aims at rewarding content creators directly and without the hassles of ads (cooking tracking, reduced the usability of a site and inside games, sometimes slowing the load time of pages, etc).

For a user, Coil works rather simple: register, subscribe for a monthly plan and install either a Firefox or a Chrome addon. Then, visiting a site that supports this web monetization will automatically reward the content creator based on the time you spend using his content.

So, if you’d like to support my work and enjoy ad free games on my site, please subscribe to Coil. If you’re already subscribed, consider following my profile on Coil, as well.

And to reward your support, Dodge This will get exclusive content for Coil subscribers! Exciting times, indeed! 🙂

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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