Snake Island v1.0.2 Released!

Insider 21 Oct , 2021 0

Getting back to the solo game dev duties with a couple of Snake Island improvements!

The on-screen controls have been reworked and the D-Pad was replaced with a 3D compass. Hopefully, it will now feel more intuitive for touch-screen or mouse-only players.

Snake Island screenshot from version 1.0.2

I’ve added an undo system, with 10 undo actions for each level. This change lead to the remaking of the level completed rewards, so now you get a gold star for completing without using undo and a silver star otherwise.

I’ve fixed level 8, as it had a trivial solution and fixed a bunch of minor issues.

Have fun with it and keep the feedback coming!

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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