When I’m Being Approached By A Recruiter…

Insider 10 Sep , 2020 0

I, if they’re cold pitching a position, expect a certain amount of information to be shared:

  • position title? (e.g. Game-play programmer)
  • seniority? (junior, mid, senior, lead);
  • location? (city/country);
  • on-site, work from home or a combination of the previous?
  • primary language and platform?
  • expected tech stack?
  • expected experience?
  • (optional) salary range?

You can compact it in one sentence: “I’m looking for a senior game-play programmer with 5 games released on consoles, in Berlin/Germany, using C#/Unity and experience with an awesome 3rd party obscure library”.

What I receive instead:

“I have a position that requires programming language X, for a great company!”

You people have to do better than that 😉

Written by
Stefan Dicu
Owner of Piron Games and game developer.


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