Use left-click (mouse) or tap to activate/de-activate the laser beam. While firing, the laser beam cannot be controlled and the energy drains. Collect all energy bubbles to win the level. Left-click (mouse) and drag/tap and drag a static mirror to turn it. Rotating mirrors cannot be controlled, though. Always watch the energy level: running out of energy means experiment will fail! Avoid causing destroying lab equipment, as this will result in lower score. Avoid hurting the fellow scientists: experiment will fail if you hurt anyone!

Keyboard shortcuts

  • 'M' toggles sound;
  • 'N' toggles music;


An editor is available from the main menu, where you can build your custom levels. It's quite similar to the one available with Knight and Witch and Loose Cannon Physics. An additional game mode can also be activated with the editor: the player can place quantum relocators and mirrors where he wants. This allows for quite different strategies. Unfortunately, there were some bugs I wasn't able to correct in time, so the built-in levels don't feature this particular game play. After you finish editing a level, you can export its level code - in plain text - and share it for other people to enjoy. At the moment, there's no automatic level share service, but I'm looking forward seeing your puzzles.


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